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Aran Rees. Founder and Coach at Sabre Tooth Panda. Aran is a creativity coach, facilitator and communicator, founder of Sabre Tooth Panda and creator of No Wrong Answers: the hypothetical quiz. He believes that expressing creativity is all about how you and those around you relate to creativity both at an emotional and intellectual level. He helps his clients to get cosy with creativity to solve big problems and have more fun.

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Tagged in creativity getting cosy with creativity maslow meditation stepping stones tools. You might also like to read:. Vinay Sharmaa - May 22nd, at am. Bhuvi Kumar - February 15th, at am. Larkin, Director, Applied Neuroscience Institute What is revealed here is the richness and value of a spiritual life that has meditation, insight, wisdom, and love at its center.

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John B. Waterhouse, President, Centers for Spiritual Living Like a comfortable friend or devoted coach, Viljoen shares his love of meditation and generously offers his experience as a fellow seeker.

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Grasp how mindfulness, like physical fitness, must be developed through regular and sustained practice. Investigate ways of cultivating mindfulness during daily activities such as bathing or driving, and understand the significant benefits of formal meditative practice and intensive retreats.

Learn also about walking and eating meditation. Now grapple with one of the most fundamental and challenging insights that come from mindfulness practice.

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With reference to both cognitive science and traditional Buddhist thought, observe how the human mind creates the illusory sense of a "separate" self, and how this conception of separateness is itself the cause of…. Delve into the implications of mindfulness practice for psychological well-being. Learn how mindfulness practice works toward many of the same goals as psychotherapy.

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Explore how the ultimate aim of traditional mindfulness practice diverges from earlier Western psychology in proposing a more radical path to psychological, emotional, and spiritual freedom. See how mindfulness practices train us to embrace our moment-to-moment experience. Learn how this capacity allows us to be with discomfort and to freely tolerate all emotional states, and how this can positively affect our relationships through cultivating empathy, open-mindedness, and mental flexibility.

Learn how compassion for oneself is associated with virtually every desirable psychological outcome.

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Learn steps and exercises to cultivate compassion both for yourself and others, and review studies on the benefits of developing compassion. In choosing mindfulness practices for your own life, consider seven different criteria or questions to ask, such as which mindfulness skills to emphasize; whether to favor secular or religious approaches; and when to do practices that cultivate a sense of safety as opposed to those that work with difficult psychological…. This lecture takes a thorough look at mindfulness and brain function.

Review studies that show how mindfulness practice activates areas of the brain that regulate emotions, integrate thoughts and feelings, increase empathy, and facilitate learning and memory, while also retaining more brain matter and staving off aspects of cognitive decline…. Explore how mindfulness and compassion practices deepen connection and communication with others, and also cultivate an awareness of "interbeing"--our connection to the larger world.

Review data showing how mindfulness skills enhance relationships, and see how mindfulness fosters the ability to be alone, a capacity essential for intimacy. Mindfulness practice offers distinct benefits for caregivers of young people.