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Williams is able to capture multiple sides of Patsy in her art.

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We see Patsy always with a carefree demeanor look regular, but then depending on the action or situation — especially when she is in her costume — we see Patsy looking more cartoonish, and not in a bad way. It feels like art imitating life superbly. Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make. Your email address will not be published. Marvel Patsy Walker, A.

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #1 Review

Hellcat Omar Holmon. This series of colouring books are unusual in that they have two versions of each scene. They are beautifully reproduced in three solid-colour printing using blue, gold and black ink. A series with 42 puzzles per book and some puzzles have over 2, dots. The Colouring and Craft series from Carlton books is a great development of the current colouring-in frenzy. I designed a set of ten repeating patterns for each title. Each pattern appeared as a coloured sheet, a line drawing and in a template for a craft project. The blank patterns had to be detailed, yet open enough to be coloured-in with a pencil or felt tip.

Currently developing a range of Kirigami projects. Sometimes you need to pitch an idea to secure funding, or to gauge what the response to a project will be to the prospective market, before going ahead and commissioning the whole project. Alice through the Looking Glass. The Wonderland book was already published but the illustrator was unable to work on the sequel. I took the project on, following the already-established look of Alice and creating an entire new picture book in the style of the first. Here are some spreads, the cover and some details.

I have a long-standing relationship with Greenwich and Docklands Festivals , producing visuals to help them present their ideas to secure funding. For this festival, The Four Fridas , I came in at an earlier stage. I used my 3D skills to provide accurate visuals of the ideas, to scale, in the performance space. This helped the costume designer and choreographers develop their concepts further before the presentation stage.

A cover and spread illustrations for a new visual reference series, with a mid-century feel to the artwork. The presentation was a success and has gone into work, the series launches with this title.. The presentation was a success and has gone into work, the series launches with this title. Since I have worked in-house as a full-time graphic designer before becoming freelance completely in late My first two positions were in publishing, for Longman and Oxford University Press. There were many exciting projects over the years.

Alongside working on the usual collegiate-branded publications, I developed The Alternative Prospectus. PRoViScout is collaborative EU Framework-7 funded project which brings together major European groups currently working on robotic vision for planetary and space exploration. The Aberystwyth rover autonomously identifies science targets and navigates using software developed during the PRoViScout project.

This is an insiders guide to University life, and the look is lively and energetic, as though generated by the students themselves. This was a total-immersion project where I researched content, wrote copy, took photographs, researched student photographs and made all the graphic elements.

This high-end camper conversion company was in need of some new branding. It was important to make their relationship with VW a key part of the design. Another consideration was the huge range of scales the design would be used at - from industrial shed signage, to a small area of embroidery on a polo shirt.

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So it was crucial that the design had interest at a large scale shading, neon lights but that the logo would work as strongly when these details were dropped. Not only would this happen as a matter of scale, but some promotional items would be produced without a four-colour reproduction process. Unambiguous yet not emotionally charged.

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The challenge was to strike a balance between the service feeling approachable, yet providing clinical competence in a crisis. Sitting under the shadow of Cadar Idris mountain, they wanted the location reflected in their branding. The foothills of a snowy Cadar Idris form a heart shape, which stands as both a medical symbol and one of caring.

The river flows past and underlines the wording to hold the whole thing together. I wanted to expand on the beautiful letter shapes of the place name, to build a background device that could hold many images, without being visually overwhelming. Each slide had to represent the location, the demographic and the services offered. This is the set of four rotating slides from the site. By keeping a tight reign on the cropping, transparency, and colourization, I was able to balance each image and across the set.

As a keen brewer, I was looking for some notebooks to organise my methods and recipes. I couldn't find 'the very thing', so I thought I'd make my own. Now I am able to set-up the titles of self publishers that I produce work for.

The style draws on the illustrated building designs of Clough Williams Ellis. The architect is responsible for many of the whimsical buildings in the area where the designer practices. The challenge for this was how to make a list of instructions visually exciting. All were designed in Photoshop and Illustrator but supplied, rigged and styled, in After Effects. Some parts, such as inside the stopwatch, had to animate. This meant it was crucial that any styling would still be live in After Effects, ensuring that elements would react to lighting when moved, rather than be flat graphics.

The cast had moved into the rehearsal space, the show opened in two months, but there was no front curtain.

Patsy Walker, a.K.a. Hellcat! (2015 - Present)

What did they need? No-one was really sure. As it was not known in which direction the project would go, I parachuted-in and worked closely with director, Gurinder Chadha,. My thoughts were that the obvious difference between the musical and the film is the songs. I worked out of a carrier bag in a pop-up studio off the rehearsal space and a hotel room, developing the design around themes from the lyrics as I listened to a recording of the songs. Right: a detail from the design.

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  • Kirigami is a variation of origami - but you cut and fold the paper, rather than just fold it. Models are usually made from a single sheet of card. These life-size model buildings inspired me to start experimenting with kirigami. Having developed a love of pattern design whilst working on the Craft and Colour series, I was very excited when invited by Contrado to be one of their creatives. Come and have a browse here:. If you're interested in developing with me a series of surface pattern designs for craft projects, publication, or merchandise I'd be over the moon.

    Playing card designs of The Queen of Hearts and Alice flow over the sleeves and the pair appear on the front. ButterMoth is a cute and quirky range which draws on Folk Art and Matryoshka Dolls to give a retro feel. A Moth and a Butterfly are drawn by hand in a delicate pattern which uses fresh colours over a black background. Bring out the Silver Fox! This collection features an elaborate tawny leaf design over two shades of grey.

    The feature panel has a fox head within a circle of leaves.

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    Highly detailed designs use elegant colourways that blend from afar into rich textures. A beautifully intricate design drawn in shades of sea green and turquoise. This lady of the sea has a siren smile and her locks flow out to become a playground for sea creatures. Retro inspired designs reminiscent of lino prints in ice cream shades of golden yellow and peach Patricia Moffett.

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