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Overview This adventure starts with a meeting on a deserted beach between a fatally ill child and a stranger. At the touch of the stranger, the child was changed into a perfectly healthy eleven-year-old boy. The boy was Gavin Graham.

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That touch from the stranger would change Gavin's life forever. He would not meet the stranger again for thirty years. At that time the stranger, who was Dr.

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Charles Jennings, gave him an old journal that he asked to be transcribed from his handwriting. This journal told of a journey through the secret agencies and covert activities all over the nation and the world.


It revealed the basis for the most guarded secrets of our nation and thrust five people on a journey of enlightenment, excitement, and spirituality that has never been heard of in the history of man. These five were to go to a hidden world written about only in ancient myths. These were no myths. They were real. The year that these five spent in this "Hidden World" changed them dramatically.

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After all, the fate of all mankind was in the balance. The journey culminates in an actual battle between good and evil. This battle takes place within this hidden world.

Gavin's next encounter with a beautiful new visitor from the hidden world left him with yet more adventures to write about. After all, being touched by a stranger had not only changed him, but also had made him a part of The Hidden World Chronicles. Product Details About the Author. About the Author After college Richard Nance has had a wide assortment of careers. It was there he first heard of the placed referred to as the Hidden World. For 40 years of traveling all over the world he slowly accumulated research about this new world.

He went from student to a navy electronics technician, then to engineer, teacher, electrician and finally an author. During this time Richard brought his family back to his ancestral home in North Carolina. While growing up there his four daughters had heard bits and pieces of the story of the Hidden World.

After the all became adults themselves they finally urged their dad to put down his story on paper for all to read. With a special push from his youngest daughter, Rhonda, the creation of The Hidden World Chronicles began. This new trilogy has created a whole new genre of fiction. Now others can become a part of this Hidden World.

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Or, maybe you never really noticed they were in the Bible in the first place: the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles. These names would have provoked whole memories of earlier scriptural stories. The genealogies were meant to activate all kinds of mental links and collective stories deeply ingrained in Hebrew culture. You might even come to appreciate these genealogies. The books of Chronicles, composed as one unified literary work, was produced by an anonymous author living in Jerusalem more than years after the return from exile. Look at the genealogy in 1 Chronicles ; this takes you six generations after the return from the exile that took place in the s B.

This is why the books often get overlooked, as readers assume it is just a repeat of what they already read. But this book is way, way more! The Chronicler was living at a time when the Jewish people had long resettled in Jerusalem after returning from the Babylonian exile.

And where was this new David? You have to go deeper and compare the stories in Chronicles with his sources, especially 2 Samuel.

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And what is the result? In Samuel, we saw the rise of David as the underdog who bests the giant Goliath, outwits his adversaries, and unifies the people. Well, except for his adulterous scandal that resulted in murder see 2 Sam. Oh yeah, and the stories of his murderous, sex-crazed children who perform heinous acts of abuse and murder see 2 Sam. Upon reflection, the story of David shows us a mixed-bag kind of king. Almost all of these stories in Samuel that portray David as weak and morally flawed are missing from Chronicles.

Which raises the question: Why?